Features To Consider When Renting A Self Storage Unit

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Features To Consider When Renting A Self Storage Unit

11 April 2017
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If you are in the process of moving to a new location, and you have items you will need to store for an extended time period, you are most likely considering the rental of a storage unit for their resting area. Renting a storage unit for the first time can be intimidating if you have never done so in the past. Here are some features to be on the lookout for when you start the process in looking for the right facility to handle the storage of your personal belongings.

Check Out The Cleanliness Of The Facility

When you visit self-storage unit rental services, it is best to take a look at the condition of a sample unit or two before you sign paperwork indicating you would like to be responsible for payments for renting a unit. Check out the cleanliness of the empty unit you will be renting to make sure it had been completely swept out after the previous renter had removed their belongings. If you see remnants of cardboard boxes, paper, or miscellaneous small items left on the floor of the unit, the rental facility may not be up to par in keeping their facility clean. This can lead to potential pest problems down the road.

Make Sure Security Measures Are In Place

It is important to ask about the security of the units within a storage facility before you make a decision on whether to rent a unit there. Ask whether there are on-site guards patrolling the facility or if someone will be on the premises at all times in case of an emergency. Find out if there are security cameras on the property to aid in keeping theft at bay. Question a facility about the types of locks they have available for each individual unit if they provide them to the public. Ask if you can swap the lock with one of your own if you desire, as well.

Be On The Look Out For Indications Of Ease Of Access

Getting in and out of your unit quickly without having to struggle with larger items is a necessity. Make sure the unit you will be renting will be in an area where you can pull your vehicle up as close to the unit as possible without having to walk a great deal to get there. If there are steps involved to get to a unit, reconsider accepting this rental and move on to another space.