Roommate Rumba: How to Coordinate a Move in With a Roommate

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Roommate Rumba: How to Coordinate a Move in With a Roommate

12 April 2017
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If you are moving into an apartment with a roommate you will likely need to sign the lease and receive the keys at one point in time. Though the legal move in will have to take place at one time, you can move into the apartment at different times physically. If you and your roommate are moving from separate places, you should coordinate your physical move before it happens. Here are three tips for coordinating a move in with a roommate. 

Have the person with the least furniture move in first

If the two of you plan to move in within the same week, the person with fewer items and furniture should move in first. The person with the fewest pieces of furniture or with the fewest boxes will be able to get their items inside of the house more quickly. The roommate with fewer items will also not be in the way while a person is moving in with bigger items. Since it can take time to get furniture inside of the home a situated in their permanent locations, this should happen after the first roommate is comfortably inside of the home. 

Reserve off the parking spaces

If you have parking spaces that are prime for moving, the roommate who is inside of the home should help to reserve or cordon off the parking space for the moving van. This will allow the second roommate to be able to park their moving van and get started moving inside of the apartment with ease. Making sure that the prime parking space is available to get boxes and furniture from the moving truck into the apartment will make for a quicker transition. 

Settle on a date that the common areas will be done

When you are moving in with a roommate, it is common for the two of you to contribute items to the common areas. Once you and your roommate settle on the dates that you will both move your items in, set a date to go through the common areas as well. This will give you a chance to throw out or remove any duplicate items as well as mutually decide on a place for everything inside of the home.

Setting up the common areas together will make it easier to know where everything can be found. Since the common areas will be a mutual space it will be important to put the rooms together for the needs of each person living within the space. 

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