Move The Hot Tub, Or Not Move The Hot Tub? Options For This Conundrum

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Move The Hot Tub, Or Not Move The Hot Tub? Options For This Conundrum

17 July 2019
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A hot tub weighs at least several hundred pounds when fully assembled. You would need a crane or a team of heavyweight lifting champions just to pick it up off the spot where you installed it in your yard. However, if you are moving to a new house and you really do not want to leave this luxury item behind (or worse- you are still making payments on it!), then you have to figure out whether or not you are really going to move it and how to do that. Here are some options and solutions for this particular conundrum. 

Hire a Professional Hot Tub Mover

There are professionals out there who move hot tubs. They have done this so often that you can refer to them as experts, and their unique job does make them experts in the field of moving things. The company will send a mover to your home to size up the hot tub and provide you with a quote on moving costs and what will be done to move such an immense item to your new location. 

Sell It to the New Owners of Your Property

If you still owe money on the hot tub, you could increase the sale price of your old home and property by the amount owed on the hot tub. You can stipulate in the contract that the buyers can choose to refuse the hot tub as part of that purchase price. If they choose to pay you for the hot tub as part of the sale price of the home, you can pay off the debt for the hot tub and not worry about having to move it. If the buyers refuse to pay for the hot tub, they can receive a discount on the purchase price of the home and you are left with the responsibility of removing the hot tub and taking it with you. A lot of home buyers however, get excited about purchasing a home that comes with a hot tub, so you may be in luck. 

Disassemble the Hot Tub and Move It in Pieces

While you certainly could move a hot tub in its entirety, it is far easier to move something of this size in pieces. Consider finding a way to disassemble the hot tub and moving it in parts. It will take a lot longer to move, and it might cost more to move, but at least no one will be hurt in the process and the hot tub will not suffer damage. 

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