Tips To Help Minimize Your House Moving Costs

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Tips To Help Minimize Your House Moving Costs

15 October 2021
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9.8% of Americans move every year, with statistics showing an average American is estimated to move 11.7 times during their lifetime. Home moving is inevitable for different reasons, and the process can be expensive, especially without proper organization. Are you planning to move houses soon? Here are tips that will reduce your house moving costs.

Gather Packing Supplies Beforehand

When planning to move in a few months, you can save money by gathering packing supplies rather than buying them. Begin by collecting things that can help during the move, like dish wraps, packing paper, and newspaper. For example, you can store boxes that come with packing peanuts and reuse them for packing during the move.

Store your boxes and get some help from friends. You can also ask for a store nearby to save the boxes for you rather than throwing them away. Gather and store any supplies that can be useful during packing to avoid buying supplies at the last minute.

Proper Timing

How urgent is the move? If you can be flexible, avoid moving during non-peak periods like summer and holidays. Flexibility can save you money as moving is highest during the summer as students struggle to find slots before the start of their academic year. 

If you can, consider moving during winter or fall. Alternatively, you can choose to move during a weekday compared to weekends. Weekends are higher in demand since most people get a break from their job, making the charges more expensive.

Compare Moving Companies Quotes

The average moving cost is $2300, although the charges may vary depending on the company. Call up different companies and ask for cost estimate quotes and compare them. If possible, you can have the company send a representative to your house to look at your belongings, the number of floors, and the distance for a more accurate quote.

Beware of additional costs or unforeseen costs which might come along with your move. To determine if there will be additional costs, ask if the company charges extra for stairs or heavy items while asking for the quote.

Schedule Your Move Beforehand and Understand the Contract

After finding a reliable company whose quote is within your budget, schedule your move. Planning your move and booking an appointment beforehand with your mover is cheaper than seeking short notice moving services.

Remember to go through the contract and understand it before committing to it. You should check if the laborers are to be paid at a flat or hourly rate. Usually, hourly rates tend to be cheaper, especially with adequate moving preparation.

Get Pro Help Moving

With the right company, home moving will be a breeze. Expert moving companies have the necessary equipment that will make the moving process easy and fast. For more information about residential movers, contact a local moving company.