Getting Rid Of Your Home Office? Storing Items, Hiring Local Movers, And More

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Getting Rid Of Your Home Office? Storing Items, Hiring Local Movers, And More

31 August 2022
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Did your employer recently call their employees back to the office? For nearly three years you've worked at home, but now you need to transition to in-person employment. If your home office has grown from a laptop and one comfy chair to a full room filled with files and furniture, take a look at what you need to know about hiring local movers and more.

Should You Remove Your Home Office?

Will you return to full-time, in-person office life? If your employer has nixed the idea of virtual work completely, you won't need a full at-home office. While you could leave your home office as-is, the extra furniture will take up much-needed space. Instead of maintaining an unused home office, you could remove everything in it and turn the space into a guest room, media center, or almost anything else. 

What Should You Do With Your Home Office?

Should you keep the extra desk, chair, filing cabinets, and other items in your soon-to-be ex-home office? There are a few different steps you could take. You could store the items in your home's basement, garage, or closets. This will empty the room and leave it free to turn into something other than a home office. But an in-home storage strategy adds clutter to other spaces.

If you don't want to store everything at home, you could donate, sell, or give away the furniture—or you could rent an off-site unit. Self-storage allows you to keep everything from your home office without creating clutter. This is the ideal option for professionals who may want or need to work from home again.

How Can You Move Your Home Office To A Storage Unit?

Books, smaller-sized electronic devices, and files are easy to move by yourself. But larger items, such as desks and cabinets, may require extra help from a local moving company. A local moving service can reduce the amount of time and energy that you need to devote to this move. This makes it possible to remove everything from your home office and put it into a storage rental without the need to take several days off from work. 

Which Mover Should You Hire?

Even though you only need to move one room from your home to your storage rental, you still need to research companies before you hire one mover. Start with friends, family members, neighbors, or coworkers. These real-world referrals can give you the best references possible. Unlike anonymous online recommendations, referrals from people who you know in real life come from reliable sources. Not only can you trust the reference, but you can also ask your friend or other source questions about the move and the moving services. 

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