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For the past 12 years, I’ve lived in an extremely small house. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough room in this home to store all of the furniture I own. Have you recently downsized? If you have beautiful furniture that won’t fit into your new place, consider renting a storage unit at a facility in the city you live in. You can safely store your beloved furniture in your unit for as long as you wish. If you move to a larger home in the future, you won’t need to shop for pieces of furniture to put in it. On this blog, I hope you will discover the best types of housewares to store in a rented unit. Enjoy!


6 Questions You Should Ask Movers

11 May 2021
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If you are planning a move soon, you certainly have a lot on your plate. From packing your belongings to transferring utilities, your list of tasks may be immense. You also may be thinking about hiring professionals movers to assist you during your move. Here are several questions you should ask the movers before hiring them. Do You Have Experience With My Type of Move? Not every move is the same. Read More …