Keep Your Upcoming Move As Environmentally Friendly As Possible With These Suggestions

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Keep Your Upcoming Move As Environmentally Friendly As Possible With These Suggestions

19 April 2017
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When you're planning to move from one house to another, it's easy to be so focused on the task at hand that you neglect other elements — including those that you may later regret. One thing that may get overlooked is the toll your move has on the environment. While this might seem like a minor issue, taking care to make your upcoming move as environmentally friendly as possible will leave you without any regrets as you get settled into your new home. Here are some suggestions that you can easily implement on moving day.

Recycle Or Give Away Your Moving Supplies

When you drive through a neighborhood on garage day, it's often easy to tell which residents have just moved in. Their garbage bins are full of boxes, packing supplies, and other discarded items from the move. The concern is that these items don't need to go to the landfill. Many moving supplies can be recycled, for example. Boxes and other cardboard materials can be broken down and placed in your recycling bin, while sheets of bubble wrap can be taken to certain recycling centers. Another option is to list all of your moving supplies for sale (or even for free) in your local online classifieds.

Don't Leave Your Truck Idling

If you rent a box truck for your move, you should consider its emissions. Many people simply move the truck into place near their front door or garage, and then let it run while they unload or load it. This may especially be tempting in cold weather, as you'll want the truck to be warm when you climb back into it. However, unnecessary idling releases plenty of pollution into the air. It might seem simple, but always shut the vehicle off when you're not using it.

Keep A Recycling Bin Handy

When people move, they can be in such a rush that they don't make their usual effort to recycle. Generally, you'll see that people will keep a large garbage bag near the door to collect all of the moving-day waste, but there may not be an opportunity to recycle. This means that empty water bottles, soda cans, pizza boxes, and other items used on moving day will end up in the garbage, rather than being placed into the recycling bin. Instead of packing your recycling bin into the moving truck early on, make sure this is one of the last things to be moved.

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