Hot Moving Day Problems With Cool Solutions

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Hot Moving Day Problems With Cool Solutions

4 June 2018
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Summer is primary moving season. Newly married couples are moving into their first married place together. Newly graduated high school students are moving into their first apartments. College students are moving in and out of their dorm rooms and college apartments. Local moving companies are extremely busy, to say the least. 

You want your local move to be as problem-free as possible. However, if you picked one of the hottest summer days on record to move, you are going to be hot and bothered by multiple issues. The following highlights just some of the hot moving day problems you can expect, and some cool solutions to cool those problems off.

Excessive Sweating

Everyone should be wearing a healthy dose of deodorant or antiperspirant on moving day because with ninety- to one-hundred-degree temps, the sweat is going to drip. Along with excessive sweating comes heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and hospital emergencies. While you cannot control the sweat, you can help everyone who is helping you move. You can prevent hospital emergencies by providing a very large cooler of ice-cold drinks and water bottles and setting it where everyone can grab a drink and stay hydrated.

Excessive Sweating and Slippery Grips

Only slightly more bothersome than excessive sweating is excessive sweating that causes really slippery hands. You and your moving team might get so hot and sweaty that you cannot get a good grip on heavy items. Everything could just keep slipping from your grip. A good way to address this problem is to make several hand towels or washrags slightly damp and then put them in the freezer the night before. As everyone's hands begin to get a little slippery, hand out these frozen rags. The coldness will help cool the hands off, and they will help dry the sweatiness of everyone's hands, too.

Hot Lunch vs. Cold Lunch

When you were a kid and went to school, you may have taken a lunch with you. This was often referred to as "cold lunch" because it was not the hot lunch the school served. Well, this cold lunch idea here is to help everyone stay comfortable but still get some much-needed calories and energy to move your belongings.

If the body consumes hot foods on a very hot day, the body has to work harder to cool down as it processes the hot foods. If you eat cool or cold foods instead, the body not only does not have to work quite so hard to stay cool, but the cool foods also help maintain, if not lower, body temperature. Consider serving cold sub sandwiches, salads, ice cream, and/or watermelon straight from the refrigerator.

Overheating Truck Engine

If the engine in your moving truck is going to overheat, it will do it on a hot day. If there is smoke billowing out of the hood of the truck, stop and pull over. If you are driving the truck, call the moving company to ask for a replacement truck or to ask for advice. Either the moving company will send a driver and a new truck (free of charge) to where you pulled over, or the moving company will suggest that, after the truck has sat for about 20 minutes, you put cold water in the radiator and keep driving.

The latter is only possible if you are very close to your new home/apartment. If that is what happens, the moving company is likely to meet you there with a new truck and stay until the towing company arrives to collect the overheated truck. If the movers are driving the truck, they will call you to tell you what has happened. Then they will wait to get a new truck, transfer all of your belongings to the new truck, and then arrive in the new truck with your stuff. 

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